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Meet The Therapist

Terry Kahn is a massage therapist and physical therapist located in Roanoke, VA.


Meet Terry

Terry Kahn was a software developer in her first career, where she found great satisfaction in designing and building software that exceeded client expectations.  Later, responding to a vague sense that she needed to find meaning through helping people, she explored massage therapy and found her way to Neuromuscular therapy, where she found her calling in helping people overcome pain.  Ever eager to learn more, she took a ridiculous amount of continuing education classes from many different massage specialties, supplemented it with observations of overcoming pain in her own body, and gradually developed her own style of Neuromuscular therapy which expands it to treat much more than just trigger points.

After a number of years practicing Neuromuscular therapy, after she could reliably clear routine aches and pains without really thinking about it, Terry became restless and realized she needed more of an intellectual challenge.  So she earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in order to help more complex patients figure out how to return as much as possible to normal.  She still does primarily hands-on work ("massage") but offers additional services as needed under her physical therapy license, such as dry needling and guidance on body mechanics.

Terry and her husband live in Southwest Roanoke County, where she enjoys hiking, kayaking, singing in the choir, and reading.


Call and tell me what I can do for you.

Set up a quick phone consultation where we'll really listen to you. Most times, we can tell you right over the phone whether we'll be able to help you.
Come in and get a Neuromuscular massage treatment. During the session, we'll investigate more specifically what's causing your pain so we can use the right techniques to address it.
You'll feel the difference when you get up from the table. It will likely take a few visits to get it under control, but you can tell from the very first visit whether this approach will help.