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You still have good years ahead.

Neuromuscular massage & Physical Therapy in Roanoke, VA.


Don't let chronic pain stop you.

There are things you want to get up and do. You are determined to find a way to do it without so much pain. If someone can help you get there, so much the better.


We can help you manage.

We cannot reverse arthritis or undo disk herniations.  What we can do is treat the muscle problems that often go along with it. In some cases, we can also show you better ways of using your body that produce less wear-and-tear, so you can have more good days in a row.  These would be physical therapy visits, not massage.  (Yes, we offer that too.)


Rise to your potential.

Set up a quick phone consultation where we'll really listen to you. We'll discuss your pain, any medical complications you may have, and our projected outcomes.
Come in for a physical therapy evaluation and hands-on treatment. During the session, we'll seek out muscle problems that may be adding to your pain and discuss better ways of using your body that can help you be more comfortable.
I'll send a note to your doctor explaining what we found and asking for permission to treat you for a few more visits. The goal is to help you in just a few visits, not to make you dependent on me over the long term.