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Enjoy your life. Don't let aches and pains control you.

Based in Roanoke, VA, We offer neuromuscular massage to help you stay active.


Pain is not random.

Pain is your body telling you that something’s not quite right. You need someone who will take the time to understand your body’s message, and not just generically treat the symptoms.


When we understand the cause of your pain, we can clear it for good.

Trigger points, fascial restrictions, adhesions, nerves entrapped in scar tissue:each can be cleared, provided we use the appropriate massage techniques for each.Matching the right techniques to the underlying problem is the key to long-term results.


Clear the pain and get back to normal.

Set up a quick phone consultation where we'll really listen to you. Most times, we can tell you right over the phone whether we'll be able to help you.
Come in and get a Neuromuscular massage treatment. During the session, we'll investigate more specifically what's causing your pain so we can use the right techniques to address it.
You'll feel the difference when you get up from the table. It will likely take a few visits to get it under control, but you can tell from the very first visit whether this approach will help.